Job Search Safety Tips

It is important to exercise caution when searching for jobs on the internet. Here are a few tips to ensure that you stay safe while looking for employment:

Learn to Detect Fraudulent Job Offers

A legitimate job offer in Canada will NOT require you to submit a payment or provide personal information as a pre-condition to being offered employment. Do not provide sensitive information to employers at early stages of the interview or hiring process.

Protect Sensitive Information

It is advisable to not share your personal information in your resume or during interviews. The Government of Canada recommends that you keep the following information private:

? Your social security/personal identification number
? Your age, marital status, or birth date
? Your driver’s license or passport number
? Your health card number
? Any banking information, including credit card or bank account numbers

When creating a profile on a job search website, make sure to create a strong password. Keep your password information stored in a secure place.

Guard Your Personal Finances

Genuine job offers in Canada will not require you to make a payment in order to secure employment. Do not transfer money or provide your banking information to potential employers.