If you are looking to source the best international talent available in Canada and beyond, then CanExpress Recruiting can help. Our mission is to assist Canadian employers source the best talent by offering employment solutions across a wide range of sectors.

At CanExpress Recruiting, we locate the people you struggle to find. We have created a unique network of international talent — both in Canada and abroad — with a desire to succeed in Canada. We believe that sourcing high-quality international talent forms part of the solution to labour shortages across Canada. We are dedicated to helping you source highly-skilled professionals who have skills matched to your unique hiring requirements and workplace environment.

We believe that there needs to be a stronger emphasis on consulting in the industry. Moreover, our unique and long-standing relationship with one of Canada’s most successful immigration law firms ensures that all job candidates in our database have taken or will take the necessary steps in order to be gainfully employed in Canada, pending their job offer. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to see one of our candidates obtain a skilled job in Canada and go on to succeed in the role.

If you are searching for the best talent, we strive to act as your trusted advisor. We recognize the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of the people we work with, and make every effort to exceed expectations. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will work with you to find the perfect match for your organization's needs.

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