At CanExpress, we specialize in finding international solutions to your labour needs. We assist in securing qualified foreign workers for employers across Canada.

CanExpress representatives have extensive contacts both in Canada and around the world. Our expert recruiters will target foreign workers with the background and skills you desire and make sure that you succeed in achieving your hiring goals.

Unlike other recruitment firms, whose assistance ends once employees have been placed with jobs, CanExpress works closely with a leading immigration law firm, who can assist employers with every step of the international hiring process. As a result, clients can receive the legal assistance they need to bring new employees to Canada quickly and cost-efficiently. At every turn, we remain committed to providing our clients, both employers and foreign workers alike, with unparalleled professionalism and respect.

Employer Services:

  • Provide you with pre-screened, qualified foreign workers that match your needs
  • Conduct initial assessments of foreign workers on your behalf
  • Assist in advertising in targeted demographic areas, if necessary
  • Secure the professional immigration services you and/or your hires require

Foreign Worker Services:

  • Help you be seen by Canadian employers hiring in your field
  • Can refer you to assistance in navigating the Canadian immigration process, once hired